About Me

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to my Master of Art in Teaching portfolio. My name is Jill Wood from Sherman, TX. Through my classes, seminars, and student teaching experiences from Texas Woman’s University, I have gained a wealth of knowledge, which will enable me to be extremely prepared when I have the honor of being the teacher in my own classroom. Within my portfolio are the ideas, strategies and beliefs that I have learned in the MAT program.  I have grown as a person both personally and professionally by seeing exactly how far reaching we as teachers can touch a child’s soul.  From being sensitive to all the aspects of diversities to managing our classroom with positive approaches, there are alot of ways we as teachers have to always be conscience in order for each and every student to succeed in the classroom.  I see teaching not only as a calling but also an opportunity to positively impact my future students’ lives, their parents, colleagues, and the community we share.

I have my MBA but wanted to spend my life teaching and being a great role model to the younger generations.  I knew being a teacher was the perfect place for me. I began this remarkable journey in the Summer of 2013 and will have earned my degree in EC-6 Generalist/ESL certified. My ultimate goal is to be the best educator to all of my future students. I may eventually return to TWU for my Doctoral degree to teach and prepare others who dream of being educators. But for now, my place in life is in a classroom with the young ones.


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